Slides on Throwback Thursday

No not the playground kind! What could I mean then?

Does anyone remember these…

Recently I went through a box of slides from my childhood and earlier. The first picture above was from before I was even thought about. The second picture is of my mom in 1971, I was born but not in the picture. Mom can’t remember where I might have been on this particular camping trip. I would have been 9 months old.

Looking at all these old pictures is so fun and brings such warm feelings!

I was able to use the scanner to scan a whole “sheet” of them. It isn’t ideal but it worked for now. I am contemplating making a lampshade from slides as I saw on Pinterest. It does not look that difficult. I’ve seen other variations as well.

My 2nd birthday. October 1972.



Left–Us four kids going down the slide. I’m the first one in line. I’m probably 12-18 months. Right–The four of us. Looks like ABOUT 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 9 year.


Left–My mom and 2 kids. Not sure who or when. Middle–Me at about 1+ years old. Right–My first birthday, October 1971

Simply put…this is very fun! Do you have slides to go through?

Go get them out!

Put a smile on your face and laugh a little. It’s worth it!




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