Treasure Hunt Anyone?

I have continued reading Dr. Albert Rossi’s book “Becoming a Healing Presence” that I mentioned in A Soft Smile and again in this week’s Maxim Monday. On Monday I talked about practicing stillness and shared what Dr. Rossi had to say about that. He continues to talk about learning stillness in the next chapter of his book “Breathing the Name of Jesus”. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Later in this chapter he relays a story that really is quite appropriate for our journey. Let me share it with you.

Sometimes the Lord provides wisdom in the unlikeliest of circumstances. I was at a convention, sitting in a small conference room listening to a speaker, when she spoke a sentence that struck my heart: ‘Life is like a treasure hunt.’ Somehow I knew she had something special to say to me. She went on to say that she had received three treasures from God that day, and it was early afternoon. She recounted her treasures, and they were ordinary. Yet as she perceived them, they were extraordinary. She said, we have only to seek to find the treasures God has hidden for us in our day.

This reminds me so much of the St. Paisios story of learning to be like the bee. The bee only sees and finds the good in life.

If we view life like a treasure hunt and the treasure hunt goals are only those things that we perceive as real “treasures” then we are being like the bee.

From Websters:



trea·sure ˈtre-zhər , ˈtrā-

2 : something of great worth or value; also : a person esteemed as rare or precious

3 : a collection of precious things

Let us go on a treasure hunt today, and every day. Let us find something of great worth, something precious to collect in the recesses of our hearts and minds. To build up a honeycomb of sweetness, like the bee.

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