Pilgrim Africa Event

James and I had the privilege of attending a charity fundraiser last night for an organization called Pilgrim Africa. We have never attended anything like this before. We were grateful to be on the guest list of a friend who works with Pilgrim Africa. The event last night had a positive effect on me in that I know everything I complain about is a 1st world problem. I really do have nothing to complain about.

It was truly an amazing experience and inspiring on many levels.

Ever since my trip to Uganda with James 3 years ago this month I have had a desire to go back and be of further assistance. To love and help those children who have so little and who are suffering unnecessary health problems. Last night rekindled this desire.

Last night I really felt this desire grow even stronger but I know the immediate future has no room for it. So, what can I do now?

As I’ve started on this journey to joy, to become a kindler of joy, one of the big pushes for me is not to just help myself feel joy but to see others around me feel loved, accepted, and joyful. To help others feel the joy of the resurrection every day, not just one day of the year. And my hope is by helping others I, myself, will truly gain that which I so earnestly desire to share. Kindling joy in others, kindles joy in myself.

How can I help prepare myself for a future of service and giving to organizations like Pilgrim Africa and Uganda Children’s Cancer Foundation and more?

I need to further step outside of my selfish being and do something far bigger, better. But it has to start here at home by letting go of old limiting beliefs that hold me down. It has to start by letting go of attachments to this world of pleasure and material. It has to start by digging deep and finding joy in giving, finding joy and contentment in simplicity, and finding joy in being an active part of serving other close to home.

My prayer is that God will continue to inspire in me the desire to give, to pray, to simplify, to serve and to live abundantly.

Here is the video our friend created.

Pilgrim Africa // JASIRI 2018 from UNTAMED on Vimeo.

This event was truly one of the treasures for the day!


4 thoughts on “Pilgrim Africa Event”

  1. You are an inspiration Susan. I know life would be simpler and fulfilling by being joyful, not just in the things I do, but who I am. Love you friend. 💋


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