Pascha is coming! Got Cards? And T-shirts?

And T-shirts? What? Yep...we now have T-shirts available. It was designed because of a suggestion from a friend. He told us that the amazing drawing of Christ conquering death would make an awesome T-shirt. So we did a bunch of research and decided to go with an online partner to create them. Teespring will print… Continue reading Pascha is coming! Got Cards? And T-shirts?


Prayer and Despondency—Chapter 5 Notes

This chapter begins the 2nd section of the book, Reclaiming the Present: Stepping Stones on the Path Out of Despondency. Boy! Do I need this 2nd section! Some practical tips to help me out of this sticky mud! Chapter 5 on Prayer and Despondency, for me, hits home the fact that my intense struggles in… Continue reading Prayer and Despondency—Chapter 5 Notes


Chapter 4 Notes of Time and Despondency

Today, in the Orthodox Church, is the beginning of Great Lent. Today is “clean Monday”. As we start our Lenten journey, I found this chapter extremely applicable…thought provoking. I think one of my Lenten endeavors will be to fight against “Escaping the Present”. To fight with all my might! Because despondency comes so easily to… Continue reading Chapter 4 Notes of Time and Despondency