We Glorify Thee

By Thy precious Cross, O Christ,
Thou hast put the devil to shame.
By Thy Resurrection, Thou hast blunted the sting of sin
and saved us from the gates of death.
We glorify Thee, O only-begotten One.

Christ was led as a sheep to the slaughter
in order to grant Resurrection to the human race.
The princes of hell were frightened by this,
for the gates of sorrow were lifted.
Christ the King of glory had entered,
saying to those in chains:  “Go forth!”
And to those in darkness:  “Come to the light!”

Resurrectional Stichera Tone 5

Two of the hymns we sang last night, Saturday, July 27th, in preparation for Divine Liturgy this morning.

A reminder that Christ is Risen!


Let us not forget.

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