Maxim Week 39

Don’t complain, grumble, murmur, or whine. Complaining, thinking, looking at the faults of others, we work during Lent and all our life to stop doing that. We pay attention to ourselves.

Fr. Thomas Hopko

This week’s Maxim really is a good one. One that I really need to hear and maybe reflect on how much I probably do of this in my own life.

This goes really well with Maxim’s twenty-nine and thirty as well. I think if we can really put those 2 to use in our life this one will come very easily.

Twenty-nine says, “Be grateful.”

Thirty says, “Be cheerful.”

All three of these can really help us change our thoughts, which in turn, determines our lives.

I love the book , Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives”. In that book Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica says, “Our life depends on the kind of thoughts we nurture. If our thoughts are peaceful, calm, meek, and kind, then that is what our life is like. If our attention is turned to the circumstances in which we live, we are drawn into a whirlpool of thoughts and can have neither peace nor tranquility.” This ought to be the goal.

May we seek strength from Him above, the giver of life, to endeavor to no grumble, complain, whine or murmur.

Instead, be grateful and cheerful! Give glory to God!

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