By the Waters of Babylon

By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down & wept, when we remembered Zion. Alleluia.

This past Sunday (Saturday evening matins to be exact) we sang this hymn. One of 3 times in the entire year. It is part of the Lenten Triodion and only sung 3 Sundays in a row prior to Great Lent.  It is a reminder of what we are headed into. It is a reminder that we must not forget what we lost. And we must always strive to get that back. Oh! It is simply beautiful! I love to sing it! And Kelsey’s voice is so very beautiful as the solo. My heart swells with joy and pride in her.

In the Lenten Triodion we are preparing to prepare. For the Resurrection. We are preparing for Great Lent. I cannot imagine my life without this amazing 7-week time where we are called to pray more, give more and train our bodies to fight the passions.

At the OCA.org I found a wonderful article that talks about this beautiful hymn and an explanation of it. Check it out here.

During this particular service where we begin to sing just a few of the hymns in preparation, I was particularly struck by the contrast of hymns. Each and every Sunday, as I’ve talked about before, we really do celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. We sing hymns that reflect this…every single week.

Saturday night we sing this very somber By the Waters of Babylon immediately followed by a hymn proclaiming the resurrection.

I heard the Church telling me, “Prepare yourself for the work ahead, for repentance, for change, for service, but don’t ever forget…Christ is Risen!”

Blessed art Thou, O Lord,  teach me Thy statutes.  The assembly of angels were amazed, beholding Thee among the dead! By destroying the power of death, O Savior, Thou didst raise Adam with Thyself and freed all from hell! 

Blessed art Thou, O Lord! Teach me Thy statutes. In the tomb, the radiant angel cried to the myrrh-bearers, “Why do you women mingle myrrh with your tears? Look at the tomb and understand! The Savior has risen from the tomb!”

Blessed art Thou, O Lord! Teach me Thy statutes. Very early in the morning, the myrrh-bearers ran with sorrow to Thy tomb. but an angel came to them and said, ” The time for sorrow has come to an end! Do not weep, but announce the Resurrection to the Apostles!”

Evlogetaria, Matins

Oh, it is so beautiful.

Let us go forth towards Great Lent with hearts ready to hear our Lord and what He has to show us. Blessed art Thou, O Lord! Teach me Thy statutes!

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