Noticing beauty all around is hard when your mind is plugged up. Noticing beauty & joy is hard when you are blinded by the darkness. Remembering to “Be always with Christ” is incredibly hard when you are being pulled in all directions by the world around.

I have discovered that I need physical reminders all the time, telling me to stop, look and listen. I need reminders telling me to stop and smell the roses.

Notes left on my mirror. Look, Susan. Find Joy.

Prayers written out. Look, Susan. Stop & Pray.

Icons. Look, Susan. Peace.

Maxims, or goals posted at the kitchen sink. Look, Susan. Don’t forget.

Verses written down. Look, Susan. Meditate on this.

Quotes on the wall. Look, Susan. Christ is Risen, Today!

I will be working on filling my surroundings with beauty and reminders to Stop & Look.

I want to share them with you. Throughout this blog you will find printables I’ve created for this purpose. Enjoy!

What ways do you bring reminders to your world? What helps you to Stop & Look?

2 thoughts on “Reminders”

  1. Awesome, Susan. Just walking out the door and seeing all Gods nature ‘waking’ up again and the anticipation of what is soon to come! Yesterday you made me smile when i heard you joyfully say to the kids… ITS ALIVE OUTSIDE… WHAT are we doing in here!


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